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1- Go to Settings->Search Settings


1- Every file that have this word will be ignored. eg. (tpb-sample.mkv)

2- IMDB id of movies to be ignored. eg. (tt0017480)

3- Strings to be ignored by the searcher

     example: File “tpb xvid.mkv”  is identified as “tpb.mkv”


4- Extensions of subtitles

5- Extensions of movies

6- Save Button, press to save changes


2- Close settings window, go to Manage Movies and then select “Auto movie select” [AS]



3- Select the folder and the extensions to be searched, press start and wait for results


1- Folder where MOJ will search for movies and subtitles

2- Movies extensions

3- Subtitles extensions

4- Press to start process


4- Check final log and see of everything was rightly identified.

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